Pest Control

We specialise in the control of Oak Processionary Moths, rats, rabbits and pigeons.

Rabbits - rabbits can cause major agricultural damage to land, vegetation and banks and are classified as a pest. We use aluminium phosphide, a gas, and then cover the holes. We will re-check the area and treat again as necessary.

Oak Processionary Moths -  we are approved to inspect and clear nests and eradicate these moths, which can sometimes be found in areas surrounding new housing developments. The moths are at their most harmful whilst in the caterpillar state – touch can cause anything from a mild rash to severe urticaria, whilst hair inhalation can cause asthma and anaphylactic shock. We recommend surveying known sites on an annual basis.

Rats – a major hazard chewing through cables, power lines and buildings. They spread disease and are associated with poor hygiene, which is not good for your business reputation. We lay bait for rats and will re-inspect the area, remove any dead carcasses and re-bait as necessary.

Pigeons – not only can birds cause damage through nesting, but bird droppings are acidic and therefore corrosive, as well as unsightly. These birds also carry a number of diseases that are harmful to humans. We can net areas to deter birds from nesting, clean down areas birds have fouled, and erect pigeon spikes.

If you would like help with these pests, either on commercial property or within the railway environment please call us on 0118 970 1777.