Graffiti Removal

Whilst you may love the kudos of having a Banksy on your site, usually graffiti is unattractive at best, and can often be extremely offensive.

We can remove graffiti using high pressure washers, either using a chemical treatment and washing off; or some cases just soap and water. If the area is already painted we can also arrange for the graffiti to be covered over in line with your existing site; and lastly to alleviate further problems we can overpaint areas with anti graffiti coating. We offer this service to councils and commercial properties and we specialise, due to our railway competencies, on property alongside railway lines and on over rail bridges. This service is available at a time to suit your business needs, and can be booked in advance.

However, sometimes graffiti is of such an inflammatory nature that you need it removed as a matter of urgency. In this case we offer an emergency call out facility throughout the South of England. We commit to have a team mobilised and on route to your site within 1 hour of your call.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you keep a graffiti free site please call us on 0118 970 1777.