Vegetation Services

Whilst trees are synonymous with the beauty of the UK's countryside, sometimes they can get out of control. If you would like help with trees on your site we can offer a range of services:

Crown reduction or thinning – either reduction of tree size, or removing weak and damaged branches to reduce the weight of the tree, and reducing overhanging branches from paths, roads and buildings

Dismantling and felling – removing trees either by sectionally felling using specialist equipment, which is ideal in confined areas, or felling which is suitable in large open areas.

Stump grinding – whilst tree stumps can be left, often trees are removed to make way for work to be carried out, so we can use specialist equipment to grind away the remaining stump and roots to below ground level, leaving a smooth surface

Chipping – having removed trees or branches these can be fed through our chipping equipment to reduce size and provide mulch for gardens or recycled as biomass fuel.

Please contact us to arrange a free site visit to assess your tree requirements on 0118 970 1777.