Logs, Kindling and Coal

Real fires are always popular, in recent years more people are deciding to revert to having an open fire.   It is possible that rising energy prices have played a part in this decision. An open fire gives a home a heart, provides a warm glow, a comfortable atmosphere and excellent heating.

Seasoned mixed hardwood logs, primarily Oak, Birch, Beech and Ash that has been dried over one a minimum of one season in the open air before being cut into logs which are cut to approximately 20cm and split to allow them to dry most effectively.  Once cut they are barn stored for further drying and ready for use on open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves etc.

The bags/load contain at least 90% hardwood, there is always a possibility that some softwood managed to get mixed in but not very often!

Why use Seasoned Firewood Logs? - A fresh cut log can be as much as 50% moisture! When burning fresh sawn firewood the majority of the energy stored within the log is consumed to boil off the moisture within the log.  In other words it takes longer to get any heat from the log and the heat will be given off for a much shorter period!

Burning seasoned firewood allows the heat to be radiated from the log in a much shorter time which means less wood is required to build an effective fire and that the fire will give off more heat in less time!

Our seasoned logs generally contain between 25 - 35% moisture and sometimes even less, they have been cut during the summer and allowed to gently air dry for several months ready for successful burning in the winter.  These can be burnt either straight away or after storing indoors for 24 - 48 hours for best results!

Coal & Smokeless Fuels - Traditional house coal is still being used and we have this type of fuel available, but many people (especially those in smoke controlled areas) are deciding to use the new smokeless coals which are kinder to the environment, longer lasting by burning more slowly and produce better and more consistent heat output and all without breaking the bank.

We sell:

Bituminous house coal for use in open fires. Long lasting gives off a radiant heat at first then glows for hours!

Smokeless fuel for use in open fires, multi-fuel stoves etc. Suitable for use in smokeless zones. Long lasting, cleanly packaged, clean burning quality fuel.

Kindling wood - Kindling for use in conjunction with either paper or firelighters to give your fire a flying start.  Dry stored and sold by the net bag.

Call in to collect your logs, kindling and coal when buying by the net/bag, for larger loads we offer a half or full load.  We deliver in a commercial pickup with a bed size of 3m x 1.8m x 0.5m high and we heap the load, there are no tool boxes or wheel arches to prevent you getting a full load, which is approximately 2.5 cubic metres of logs.

We are happy to deliver bags of logs, kindling and coal within 5 miles of the office free of charge.  (With a minimum order value).