Trees and Hedges

Nash Contract Services have gained a reputation for providing professional tree care of the highest standards.

We are happy to accept works of all sizes ranging from individual tree surgery in private gardens to large scale tree removal and site clearance.

We are committed to providing the best possible care for trees and their environment in a professional, competent and sensitive manner. We offer free, impartial advice on the best possible solution to your needs and those of your trees. We are qualified to diagnose diseases and identify weaknesses in trees and advise you on the best course of action to take.

Work we undertake includes: Overall crown reduction, spread reduction, crown narrowing, crown thin, crown lift, pollarding,  tree removal / felling, sectional dismantling, removal of dead and dangerous branches, site clearance also hedge reduction, trimming, shaping, planting.

Conservation Areas - We will automatically check to see if you are in a Conservation Area before we carry out any work on your land and if it is necessary we will ensure we obtain the required permission.

Tree Preservation Orders - Trees with a Tree Preservation Order are specially selected for their beauty, prominence, history and value within their surroundings. The Local Authority will have them recorded, if you have trees with TPO’s it does mean that you cannot do any work on the trees without gaining permission from your local authority.  We will automatically check to see if your trees have Preservation Orders on them before any work is carried out and if they do, we are happy to assist with applying for the permission required.

Arising’s removal - We are a registered waste carrier, naturally, we will remove all arising’s caused by the work, the majority of which we will try to recycle unless you wish us to leave it with you. Some people like to chop it into logs or use it to create a habitat in their garden for insects and wildlife.